There are a virtually limitless amount of styles and shapes available at SRK; porcelain can be made to appear like limestone, granite, slate, marble or wood. This makes porcelain an extremely versatile material. From robust stone looks to opulent high gloss styles, porcelain is always a fantastic choice.

In terms of durability, porcelain outmatches granite, slate and marble; if you purchase porcelain products from SRK you can have peace of mind they were built to last. Porcelain can transform any space into a grand visual experience, adding a sense of style and scale to any project.

Porcelain tiles are hard wearing and have a very high level of scratch and stain resistance along with not being as susceptible to fading and chipping as other materials.

SRK UK has supplied a vast amount of high quality porcelain in various finishes to a huge array of large projects within London.

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