Porcelain Tiles

There are a virtually limitless amount of styles and shapes available at SRK; porcelain can be made to appear like limestone, granite, slate, marble or wood. This makes porcelain an extremely versatile material. From robust stone looks to opulent high gloss styles, porcelain is always a fantastic choice. In terms of durability, porcelain outmatches granite, slate and marble; if you purchase porcelain products from SRK you can have peace of mind they were built to last. Porcelain can transform any…

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Ceramic Tiles

Our ceramic tiles are extremely durable and can withstand high pressure. When laid correctly and given the proper care they will continue to look stunning for years. The surface of ceramic tiles is very dense, meaning that any microbes or microorganisms are unable to penetrate the ceramic. For this reason ceramic tiles are an extremely hygienic option. Direct sunlight exposure will neither damage a ceramic tile, nor cause it to fade. They are immensely fire resistant; they do not burn…

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Mosaic Tiles

SRK sources mosaic tiles in a wide variety of styles and has the ability to create bespoke options. Popular styles include metallic shimmer and mirrored tiles. Mosaic tiles benefit from a natural transparency which allows them to be paired with lighting to create stunning visual effects. Even during the daytime, they have an organic glow and shine which adds a beautiful brightness to any environment. Mosaic tiles have fantastic retention of colour, so you can rest assured any bright designs…

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Glass Tiles

The non-porous nature of these tiles makes them well suited for wet areas such as bathrooms, swimming pools and kitchens. The relative small size of glass tiles means the sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity and design; SRK UK prides itself on its ability to make your vision a reality.

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Natural Stone

Any shape or size you desire can be created, along with bespoke slab sizes. The organic three dimensional affect of natural stones can enable a variety of light and shade effects, creating a highly aesthetically pleasing experience. Natural stone ages wonderfully, as there are no artificial impurities leading to accelerated degradation. This also makes them incredibly environmentally friendly as there are no additional chemicals needed as safety coatings. SRK UK has imported natural stones such as marble, granite, limestone and…

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Technical Stones

SRK UK sources the highest quality, cutting edge Technical Stone. Comprising of recycled marble, granite or quartz set in resin, composite or conglomerate, technical stone offers incredible durability whilst maintaining a great aesthetic. Technical stones can be finished in a number of ways; sand blasted and brushed or polished to a stunning shine. This versatility makes them suitable for a great number of domestic or business applications, including bathroom cladding or kitchen worktops.

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