Commercial Kitchen Floor Tile Options

Commercial kitchen floor tileWhen it comes to building or renovating a commercial kitchen space, there are plenty of flooring options available and getting it right isn’t always easy.

This article will explore the some of these options, focusing on commercial tiles, and look at how professional kitchens, hotels and restaurants benefit from choosing the right tiles for the right areas of their business.

Hopefully, the information in this article will help you choose the perfect commercial kitchen floor tile for your next project.

Best Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Typically the decision as to which flooring to go for will be a choice between a commercial vinyl and tiles.

Vinyl flooring has a few benefits including; low cost, easier and quick to install, availability of patterns and styles. However, tiles still remain the most popular choice for commercial kitchen flooring.

The reason for tiles being more popular are:

  • They are far more durable so can stand up to even the heaviest foot traffic
  • They provide a more professional look
  • The smoothness of the tiles allows for wipe clean cleaning and easy transportation of trolleys and other kitchen equipment
  • Easier to repair and replace sections if a tile becomes damaged
  • Rather than buying a flooring that simply mimics the look of another, you can buy the real thing

Commercial vinyl flooring vs. commercial kitchen tiles is a debate that will go on for a long time. It all really comes down to whether you want an authentic look and all the other benefits tiles provide.

Commercial Kitchen Floor Tile Options

There is plenty of choice when it comes to finding the perfect tile. This will vary depending on how much emphasis you want to place on things like aesthetic vs. health and safety concerns.

Some of the options include:

  • CeramicCommercial ceramic tiles are available in a wide variety of styles and colours which can give a kitchen the perfect look for your client. Whether you are looking to create something traditional or modern, there is a colour or style that will suit the design brilliantly. Commercial ceramic tiles are also available in large format so that there is less grouting space for germs. Ceramic kitchen tiles are certainly one of the most popular choices for commercial kitchen flooring thanks to their versatile, non-slip and durable attributes.
  • Quarry – Quarry tiles for kitchen floors are a great way to achieve a traditional look easily. With colour choices including; terracotta red, traditional red, black, earth and loads more, these look great in just about any kitchen. One of the nicest things about quarry tiles is that they give the appearance of a home kitchen, so if the restaurant or hotel kitchen is fairly open to the public, this look can give the diners the feeling that they are about to enjoy a home-cooked meal. This look can work great for bistros and gastropubs.
  • Slate – Slate kitchen floor tiles are available in a host of different sizes that can provide a wonderfully unique look to any commercial kitchen. They can work great if the restaurant is after a slightly rustic look, but they also work excellently with a modern design too. Natural slate can be black, grey-green or multicoloured so there is no limit to the looks you can achieve with slate kitchen floor tiles. Slate does tend to be slightly more expensive than other tiles, but could be just what a commercial kitchen needs to achieve the perfect look.
  • Jura limestone – Jura kitchen floor tiles are extremely hard wearing limestone tiles. Jura is short for Jurassic as the tiles often feature natural fossils formed millions of years ago. These are not the cheapest tiles on this list, but can provide a beautiful look for an open commercial kitchen and show guests at a restaurant or hotel that style really matters.

Restaurant kitchen flooring requirements

As I’m sure you already know, not all kitchen tiles are created equal. So, what are the key things to look for when choosing tiles for a commercial kitchen?

  • Easy to clean – Lighter colours of kitchen tiles make them much easier to clean as the kitchen staff will be able to spot any food that has been spilled. Patterned tiles can make the process of cleaning harder as the different colours can make it harder to see different kinds of food. So, plain light coloured tiles are a great way to help keep a commercial kitchen clean and up to standards.
  • Hygienic – Hygiene is obviously important when it comes to commercial kitchens, and larger tiles can help with hygiene. Bigger tiles need less grout, and there is less space between the tiles. The space between the tiles is where bacteria is typically found so reducing this space means reducing the chance of bacteria making a home in the kitchen. This might be especially handy when trying to meet rigorous food hygiene standards.
  • Durable – Commercial kitchen tiles need to be long lasting and hard wearing. Throughout the lifetime of a kitchen, it is going to see a massive amount of foot traffic from servers, chefs, delivery men, workman and loads of other people. Of course, the longer the tiles last without cracking, the better. Once a crack forms in a tile, this can be a lovely place for bacteria to settle down.
  • Non-Slip – For a restaurant or commercial kitchen, non-slip flooring tiles are crucial. With the amount of foot traffic that goes through a commercial kitchen and the potential for slips increasing with every pot of food on the stove, no restaurant or hotel kitchen should be without non-slip tiles. This may also be something that you will need to recommend that your clients think about as they will often have designs in their mind, but safety concerns like non-slip tiles may not have been something they have considered. Something to point out to your clients will be that kitchen workers will be able to work safely, and they will reduce the risks of slips and falls.

Speaking of design, this is something that is important for any aspect of a hotel or restaurant, but less crucial for the kitchen. Of course, it’s pleasant for the kitchen staff to have a nice place to work, but the customers will rarely see into the kitchen.

If the plan calls for a relatively closed off design, you could save some money by using less expensive tiles.

Final Thoughts:

Commercial kitchen tiles are still as popular as they ever have been, and for good reason. They provide all of the health and safety that kitchen staff need to work efficiently and they can look absolutely stunning at the same time.

Once the health and safety is covered, you can go be more expressive with the design or of course, you can also keep the design simple and just focus on function.

So, commercial kitchen tiles give you the best of both worlds, you can design a floor that works beautifully with the style of the restaurant or go simple and make a safe and easy to clean kitchen.

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