As Global Sourcing Specialists, SRK UK has excellent visibility of the latest trends in the architectural and design specification market, with a central focus on commercial tiles. These articles provide insight and information on those trends.

Mosaic Tiles

Certain designs are always in style and mosaic tiles have been popular for thousands of years, but why is this? Mosaic tiles were first popularised by the Ancient Greeks and the Ancient Romans, so you only have to look at the amazing remnants of their society to understand how much they valued aesthetics. And the inimitable style of mosaic tiles has resisted endless changes in fashion to remain just as popular today as they ever were. Let’s take a look…

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Non Slip Floor Tiles for Wet Rooms

Wet rooms are becoming more and more popular as people turn to showering instead of the traditional soak in the tub routine. This article will outline the importance of finding the right non slip floor tiles for wet rooms on your next commercial build. Higher Demand for Wet Rooms There are numerous reasons behind the rise in popularity of wet rooms including: Increased Open Space: A wet room takes up very little room – especially compared to a bath –…

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Antique Tiles: 3 Styles and How to Source Them

Whilst we’re often told that the key to a successful design is innovation, it doesn’t hurt to look to the past for inspiration. And when it comes to tiling, you can rest assured that retro and antique tiles can breathe new life into your project. Vintage is a popular look for those who want bring a sense of retro to their projects. To start getting to grips with the past, though, you need a sound understanding of the world of vintage…

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Bespoke tiles – How to Get a Truly Unique Finish on Your Next Project

Every commercial project demands investment in terms of thought and cost in order to deliver something which is truly unique and special. The materials used in any commercial project are crucial for achieving the required quality, so they need to be picked carefully to give the project the necessary innovative magic. And when it comes to tiling, the best way to create a distinctive look is through the use of custom and bespoke tiles. Every single component of a commercial…

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The Impact of Brexit on Construction (2018)

Regardless of the constant debate regarding Brexit, the fact remains that the UK will be leaving the European market spring 2019. It’s a bold move and one which is laden with plenty of uncertainty; accordingly, many UK industries are experiencing a surge in anxiety regarding the potential fallout of this break from Europe. In particular, the bustling UK construction market – with a workforce rich in European workers – is set to experience a number of changes, so let’s take…

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Commercial Kitchen Floor Tile Options

When it comes to building or renovating a commercial kitchen space, there are plenty of flooring options available and getting it right isn’t always easy. This article will explore the some of these options, focusing on commercial tiles, and look at how professional kitchens, hotels and restaurants benefit from choosing the right tiles for the right areas of their business. Hopefully, the information in this article will help you choose the perfect commercial kitchen floor tile for your next project.…

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Exterior Floor Tiles – Balancing Form and Function

Outdoor tiles are far more exposed to the elements than interior tiles, and therefore require some special consideration in terms of the material and properties when selecting them for your project. While you want to make them visually appealing, you also need to ensure their longevity, and the safety of those walking over them on a daily basis. In this article we’ll provide an overview of what to look for when choosing exterior floor tiles for your next commercial project…

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Black Slate Tiles – A Sleek and Sturdy Option

Black slate tiles are a premium material with a varied portfolio of applications. They can be used to give a high level finish across a range of building applications such as: Roofing Fireplace Surrounds Bathroom Flooring Kitchen Floor Tiles If you’re considering using them in your next building project, then this short guide to black slate tiles will be a great place to start to give you an idea of the various uses, many benefits and, also, their downsides. We’ll…

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black slate tiles

Concrete Floor Tiles – A Stylish and Hard Wearing Option

Industrial style designs have become increasingly popular in recent years and use of concrete has risen in parallel with this. In this article we’ll look specifically at concrete floor tiles, providing an overview of: Some of the areas that concrete tiles are used Advantages of concrete floor tiles Tiles vs. poured concrete Concrete effect floor tiles What Are Concrete Tiles Typically Used For? Typically concrete tiles are used for roofing and have been ever since their introduction in the 1840s…

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Designing Successful Swimming Pool Surrounds

In luxury homes, hotels and spas around the world, swimming pools have become a stand out feature that is used to differentiate from the competition. Traditional, plain white pool areas are becoming less and less common as more focus is given to the design of swimming pool surrounds. Commercial property developers are keen to introduce these high end design elements to other projects. In this article we’ll look at: Why people are focusing on getting away from the norm How…

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