Bespoke tiles – How to Get a Truly Unique Finish on Your Next Project

Every commercial project demands investment in terms of thought and cost in order to deliver something which is truly unique and special. The materials used in any commercial project are crucial for achieving the required quality, so they need to be picked carefully to give the project the necessary innovative magic.

And when it comes to tiling, the best way to create a distinctive look is through the use of custom and bespoke tiles.

Every single component of a commercial build needs to be treated with equal importance. The right tiles, for example, can instantly transform an area into an eye-catching spectacle, but the wrong tiles can just as quickly render it an uninspiring eyesore.

Custom and bespoke tiles can be an excellent way to deliver a truly unique finish, but what exactly are the benefits?

The Benefits of Custom and Bespoke Tiles

The benefits of custom and bespoke tiles are quite fantastic, so here’s why you should consider them for your next commercial project:

  • You Get the Exact Size You Want: No two commercial projects are the same, so the need for variance and customisation is essential. Off the shelf tiles, of course, are readily available, but they are never going to be a perfect fit for your project and will require plenty of on-site modification. Bespoke tiles, however, can be designed to be the perfect fit and ensure a seamless tiling project can be completed with the minimum of fuss.
  • They Can Be Personalised: Many projects demand a strong sense of company branding to be running through something as simple as a tile. With custom and bespoke tiles, this can easily be integrated into the design by the tile manufacturers to ensure, for example, that a company logo fits perfectly in with the design of the tile and isn’t hastily imprinted on afterwards by a third party.
  • Get the perfect spec: The variance in commercial projects almost guarantees that unique problems are going to present themselves. When you go down the bespoke tile route, this need for specifics becomes a lot easier as tile manufacturers can provide a tailored option that off the shelf tiles don’t even come close to achieving. For example you may require a particular style tile, with specific anti-slip properties.

Custom tiles are a great option for any commercial project, but how do you go about sourcing them?

How to Source Custom and Bespoke Tiles

The key to getting that unique, tailor made solution to your bespoke tiling needs is, to work directly with the manufacturer.

By dealing directly with the tile manufacturers, you can foster a strong relationship which will ensure that your specific needs can be met and in a timely manner.

As global sourcing specialists we have worked with tile manufacturers across the world, and regularly work with clients to find the best tile manufacturers for their specific project.

If you’re interested in using custom or bespoke tiles in your next build and would like more information on how we can help, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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